Here's my Linux/c page!

Welcome, visitor # NaNQ. From this page you may download the very very useful tools that I've programmed in c.

cddaplay - cdda file player

Command line freak?? Try cddaplay. (lsm-entry)

cddarec - harddisk recording tool

Put your LPs to CD-R with cddarec. (lsm-entry)

ckdisk - disk (driver) checker

Encountered strange behaviour with your Compact Flash Cards? Try ckdisk to inshure that you're reading the data you've just written.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio.

diskdump - copy and cut file to stdout

Did you try to dump the last eight bytes of your 8GB harddisk with dd? Then you probably know what what I've programmed. Here's diskdump.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio.

diskerase - writes a pattern periodically to a device

You want to know where to store invisible information on a harddisk? Then format you raw harddisk with a pattern and trace the write actions done by fdisk, format, lilo, ... by viewing the pattern destruction afterwards. This is diskerase. (lsm-entry)

disksize - lists sizes of special and normal files

You're interested in the size of your new huge harddisk? Here's disksize which will answer your question. (lsm-entry)

diskwrite - write to file at given offset

Finally, if you want to put some bytes to your harddisk at offset 0xffffffff you may want to do it with diskwrite. (lsm-entry)

gethostbyname - get the IP address of a host

You're a shell programmer needing the IP address of a (known) host but your DNS server doesn't know him? Give gethostbyname a try. (lsm-entry)

httpdget - get resource from web server

If you don't like to run X or hitting a lot of options try httpdget. Now with partial get also.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio

httpdtalk - talk with a web server

You want to see the header sent by a web server? Try httpdtalk. (lsm-entry)

httpdtype - ask a web server for its type

Does Microsoft run an Apache at Find it out with httpdtype! (lsm-entry)

hxd - a binary <--> ascii (hexadecimal) converter

You want to know how I figured out the pak file format? Want to know what is stored at offset 0x03ef7e8e00 of your 2055/255/63 hard disk? Get hxd. It's more simple to handle and faster than the BSD tool hexdump.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio.

isodump - extract iso9660 image from device or file

Do you have CloneCD or Nero images which are to be mounted via the loop device with your Linux box? Isodump may be your solution.
Now with large file support.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio, screenshot.

isoinfo - lists information on an iso9660 image

Interested in the size, the identifiers or the time stamps of an image? Then get isoinfo. Its output may directly be used as .mkisofs file.
Now with large file support.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio.

md4sum - generate or check MD4 message digests

When I first encountered MD4 checksums I thought there is a tool for the generation of those sums like the well known md5sum. However, I didn't find such a tool - so I wrote it myself: md4sum - dedicated to the eDonkey network and mldonkey.
Now with large file support... and some more speedup!
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio, screenshot :-p.

par - an archiving utility for Quake pak files

Did you ever feel the desire to edit pak files? Yes, I know, you did! Then download par, the ultimate pak archiver.
pk3 files (Q3A) are not yet supported; they're just zip-files, use unzip/zip to treat them.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio

str2xbm - convert string to X11 bitmap

Having a self-made webcounter is fun - but how to generate the pictures? str2xbm does it for me.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio.

wolfinfo - retrieve information on RtCW game servers

There's qstat, of course. If you missed something, check wolfinfo - dedicated to Return to Castle Wolfenstein game servers.
lsm-entry, man-page, Ibiblio.

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